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Company History

Founding of the porcelain manufacturing factory known as Anton Müller, in Rudolstadt-Volkstedt by Anton Mueller and Otto Hammer.

In the last days of the war, the company building and thus a large part of the technology equipment, as well as the forms and models are destroyed by bombing. Two employees of the company Müller, Rudolf Kämmer, porcelain painter, and designer, Paul Kramer, begin the removal of debris. Anton Müller makes the decision not to rebuild the company.

Rudolf Kämmer and Paul Kramer together start a new business venture, take over old army barracks in the district of Rudolstadt-Schwarza and found the porcelain factory Kramer and Kämmer. Traditional models are adopted, new ones are added.

Due to a serious illness, Paul Kramer leaves the company. Rudolf Kämmer becomes the sole owner and continues operations under the name Porzellanmanufaktur Rudolf Kämmer, Rudolstadt-Volkstedt.

The company facilities are moved from Rudolstadt-Schwarza to Rudolstadt-Volkstedt.

Rudolf Kämmer falls ill and passes away. His son Erhard, who has just finished a degree in ceramic engineering, takes over management of the manufacturer. The company now employs sixteen highly qualified, well-trained staff.

The company is nationalized and continues operations under the name Zierporzellan Rudolstadt-Volkstedt.
The porcelain mark remains unchanged.

A chosen group of porcelain manufacturing operations are consolidated into a cooperative. This includes the firm Zierporzellan Rudolstadt-Volkstedt.

The cooperative dissolves after German Reunification.

As part of the re-privatization, Erhard Kämmer takes over the business and the company is again renamed Porzellanmanufaktur Rudolf Kämmer, Rudolstadt-Volkstedt. The porcelain mark, K with crown, remains unchanged.

After about a year of transition to modernize the production technology and to adjust to new market conditions, as many as twenty people are employed. In addition to typical Thuringian manufactured porcelain, new product lines are developed, keeping up with market conditions and demands.

Both traditional and new items are of the highest quality, which meet customer expectations and demands.

Son Hannes Kämmer becomes the assistant general manager of the corporation.

After the death of Erhard Kämmer, his son Hannes Kämmer takes over leadership of the company.

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